Who We Are

Working Families for a Healthy California is a coalition of environmental justice groups representing low-income communities and communities of color across California. We are dedicated to ensuring that Big Oil will no longer drill steps from where any Californian lives, works, or plays.

No matter our race, background, or ZIP code, we all deserve to breathe clean air and drink clean water.

In 2022, after decades of organizing, environmental justice communities partnered with the Legislature and the Governor to pass California law SB 1137 to protect the health of communities who live, work, and play where Big Oil drills. Our communities have experienced asthma with our children, heart disease with our elders, miscarriages with our parents, and more as a result of the greed of fossil fuel companies. Our community-led win was hard-fought, and well deserved. 

Now, Big Oil is spending tens of millions of dollars to roll back that law by lying to voters, abusing our democracy and and they’re not going to get away with it. We are a coalition of environmental justice groups and health organizations joining together to stand up to Big Oil and protect the safety of communities and keep health and safety buffer zones between our homes, schools and neighborhoods and where corporations are drilling. No Californian should have to live, work, or play just steps from dangerous toxic oil and gas wells.

Big Oil is drilling 30,000 wells within 3200 feet, or 2/3rd of a mile of families, students, and elders exposing nearly 3 million Californians, who 70% are black indigenous and communities of color, to toxic pollution. Children whose developing bodies are the most sensitive to the impacts of pollution, causing life-long respiratory emergencies, heart disease and cancer.

We are standing up to Big Oil to hold them accountable for their pollution, and undermining our democracy. They can’t risk the health and safety of millions of Californians for their bottom line.

In November, we are voting to keep the law. Vote with us to hold corporations accountable and protect the future of California’s health.